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Slow down enough to love it


This blog of mine started almost two years ago as a test run for a high-end recycled children’s fashion app that transitioned into a personal/ lifestyle blog; a digital diary to keep track of the astonishing things coming from the mouth of big E and just life with the kids.

Parenting… We’ve never been so tired. Days are short and long simultaneously; between waking up and bringing the house to a still again, we go from longing the night and trying to make time stretch throughout the day. It takes a while - or blind-siding events, unfortunately - to step out of our crazy rhythms to stop and smell the roses.

Earlier on in the evening our oldest, who’s four, did something that didn’t make me laugh until later on in the evening, when I finally had time to enjoy the incident and share it with my husband. This reminded me of an article I had bookmarked to read at my earliest convenience - which may mean NEVER! But tonight, the kids were in bed earlier than usual and my husband and I were just enjoying awkward stillness when I read The Passion of Parenting, by Charles M. Blow, op-ed columnist of The New York Times, who mentions that if we don’t make an effort to slow down enough to love parenting, it won’t be until our children are ready to part ways that it’ll all hit us.

The incident earlier that evening would have gone forgotten, as could’ve been the case with this article, if it hadn’t been for my finding the time to read it; here’s what happened:

I was putting dinner on the table when I turned to find big E, who was waiting seated at her spot, with two slices of cucumbers on her eyes; she had grabbed them from the salad in front of her…

Me: What are you doing?!

Her: My eyes are swollen… 

Me: Well, they’ll get more so… Those cucumbers have salt… (pause) and balsamic vinegar!

Her: (Removing them immediately and squinting, while playing the diva) Well, cucumber will make my eyes feel better…

Me: Where did you learn about cucumbers on eyes?!

Her: Eh… My Little Pony?!


I shared the episode with my husband and we had a (well overdue) laugh attack… and hopefully added some minutes to our crazy beautiful life. We also reminded ourselves of how fortunate we are.

Have a great week and don’t forget to slow down enough to love it.

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to Do Jump or not to Do Jump?


Last night, during dinner, our 4 year old inquired about fitness activities…

Her: Mom, do you go to a gym? (Knowing I’ve been practicing relatively new physical activity)

Me: I do Barre.

Her: Is that gymnastics?

Me: It’s like a mix of Yoga and Ballet.

Her: Why don’t you go to Do Jump!? 

Dad: How do you know about Do Jump?

Her: L (a new friend from school) goes to Do Jump.

Me: (Completely out of the loop) What’s Do Jump?!

Dad: I think it’s a gym; we’ve seen it.

Her: I want to do Do Jump. Mommy YOU should do Do Jump!

Me: Well, I’m doing Barre 3.

Her: (A moment of silence) When will you be doing Barre 4, Mommy?

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With the very recent release of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, we’ve been listening quite a bit to their “Get Lucky” song, in fact, my husband has set his iPhone alarm to it, so I’d say, we hear it everyday.

On a different note, our 4 year old has always been one to fight sleep and never EVER is ready to go to bed. If we shared every scheme she devises, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, I doubt you’d believe we were not exaggerating.

A couple of days ago, she was humming Daft Punk’s Get Lucky song - while you may find it inappropriate for a 4 year old, it IS a catchy tune, one that need not be heard every day to get stuck in most heads - she sighed… deeply… and turned to us to say:

“I wish I could be up all night, FOR REAL, to get lucky!”

To which my husband replied assertively: “Don’t say that.”

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the ‘valentimes’ fairy


The first time I ever thought of starting a blog was when big E started mimicking and, later on, talking, and consequently we became more aware of how we acted and what we said. We were bedazzled by these unexpected moments of surprise, followed by laughter or a "blinking heart", and wanted to turn around and tell a friend or a family member about E’s latest. I was afraid to forget. 

She ended up getting a whole section dedicated to her, called Roo-topia, that she now shares with her baby brother. In Roo-topia, I recreate our conversations, mostly funny, some even profound, and just post the little things that make us smile and reminders of how amazing the developing mind of a child can be.


If you read Roo-topia, you are totally aware of E’s obsession with fairies (and 'yellow' hair).

Some time back, she asked about a particular fairy:

Her: “Mamma? When is the ‘Valentimes’ fairy going to come?”

Me: “I didn’t know there was one…”

Her: “There is..! (Eyes wide open) And, he’s all naked!!.. Except for the Pull-Up.”


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in the eye of the beholder


Last week, E and I were playing around with Paper, by 53. Paper is an app that allows you to sketch, draw, color, using the iPad and your finger, and share your ideas! It’s gorgeous and it’s FUN! The image above is my version of E - she asked that the crown be added - and the one below is her version of me:


I hope everyone’s been having a great week! 


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in the kitchen with e


We took World Baking Day's challenge this past weekend and baked these wonderful tiny coconut-carrot muffins. E (age 4) was happy to be in the kitchen with us throughout the day, helping us out.  

At some point, she started acting goofy and, as I was telling her to be careful not to bump into the dishwasher’s open door, gradually elevating my voice as she got closer, she bumped into the dishwasher’s open door, and landed on her butt! Thankfully, she didn’t get hurt, but she felt embarrassed


Me: E, see…? Please calm down a bit… You could’ve hurt yourself!

Her: (Untying her pretty little apron) That’s it… I ‘QUITTED’! (Taking it off and wrapping it in a bundle to set on the chair beside her)

Me: (Pausing for a second, observing and finally… ) LOL!

Her: Don’t laugh at me, Mommy, that’s rude… (long silent pause) What is “quiited”?

This is our little reenactment of the scene below:


Hope Everyone is having a great week!

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This t-shirt little E is wearing came from Italy; a gift from my in-laws on their last visit. It’s been big until just recently, so we put it on him the other night, after bath time.

When his big sister saw it, she started giggling and, in a 4 year old’s high pitched voice, said: “E has a baby man on his t-shirt AND he’s eating a CRAYON! That cracks me up!” 

PS - There is not a politically incorrect thing about a baby man eating a crayon.

Hope everyone’s having a great week!

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