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diy “you color my world” valentine


While some celebrate Mardi Gras, others are preparing for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve never been one to get all worked up about the latter date, maybe because I grew up in Portugal, where it’s celebrated, but not to the same extent as in the States. Couples offer flowers and have dinner and groups of single friends will get together and make it a date to celebrate Saint Valentine and that little thing called “love” :) I’ve done both.

I have these “before” and “after” recollections; before and after moving to Portugal as a kid. I remember how big of a deal it was at school to give and receive valentines growing up here… I think I would even get a little worried I wouldn’t receive one, and the pressure was unbearable. All in all, everything would turn out fine and I clearly remember being excited to get back home, at the end of the day, and go through all those little “be my valentine” notes. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens, at that point in Portugal, that I celebrated the date again… Well, as far as I can remember.

Well, now in the States and with kids of my own, getting valentines for big E to give out to her classmates has become a tradition. Up until this year, I had bought them - as I’ve mentioned before, this whole making and creating things at home is relatively new to me and has become more frequent with the evolution of this little spot of ours, Peá Roo.


I need to keep things simple - it makes me happy and things totally worth it - so I came across DIY heart crayons on different blogs over the past month and thought they were so cute and something the kids  could use.


For the first batch, I used old broken crayons and for the second - big E has 20 + kids in her class - I ran out and went to get some new ones (a pack of 24) for a little over a dollar. The heart-shaped silicone moulds cost me around 7 bucks, so it’s not only fun and easy, it is really affordable, too!


After peeling the paper off the crayons with big E’s help, we broke them into random bits and pieces and placed what maybe amounts to a 1 and 1/2 crayons in each mould. I set the oven at 250 degrees Farenheit and put them in for 15 minutes. Took them out, let them solidify and popped them out of the moulds.


We used some ribbon we had from E’s birthday gifts to decorate a bit; I was inspired by these gorgeous heart-shaped crayons on Whipperberry.


Big E wowed them in the end, so I think we succeeded.

Have fun! And, lots of LOVE!

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