Some time ago, I “ran into” thredUp, an online consignment shop. This had not been our first encounter; back in December of 2011, around the time we launched Peá Roo - a small “blogboutique” of gently worn designer kid’s fashion - while researching what was out there on the web that catered to families in search of affordable, yet updated and attractive children’s clothing, and trying to understand what the needs of the market were, we came across thredUp. At that time, their services differed a bit: they offered a children’s clothing swapping service that I found innovative. Since then, the group from San Francisco, has shifted into consignment and is doing an awesome job. Through the service, families can sell their children’s gently worn outgrown clothing, cash out or use their credit towards purchasing items from the online shop.


Over the past year and since its launch, Peá Roo has evolved into a personal/ lifestyle blog, a place where I share our Portuguese-Italian-American Life in a relatively new city: Portland, Oregon. We have family and friends all over the globe, and registering stories and photos of the places we get to visit, our cooking experiments, parenting, the things our (almost) 4 year old comes up with and how her little brother is maturing from being her sidekick to owning a verbal and independent role in our life stories just seemed like a good way to share and keep in touch.

However, I still love fashion and am passionate about children’s lines - on many occasions I find myself wishing they made the same items for adults… a thought I feel needs more pondering - and while we decided to “close” our little boutique and rethink the concept, we found an AMAZING way to use some of the items that made up our inventory.


Through thredUP’s Groups, a digital fundraising platform, Peá Roo created an online “campaign” to support a local cause: CHAP - Children’s Healing Arts Project. CHAP “brings the healing power of art to children in crisis through a mobile team of teaching artists working in partnership with hospitals, community organizations and schools.”

It’s fundraising made easy: all we did was create a page, request a bag, which was mailed to us within days, pack it with gently-worn children’s clothing and take it to a UPS store (but you can just leave it outside your door for pick up). No costs, no hassle - as simple as that! And, we’ve been notified that they’ve received it in the meantime!

Above are just a small sample of the items we sent in (1. Gymboree boy’s overalls, 2. Squeeze Girls Jean jacket, 3. Kenzo girl’s jeans, 4. IKKS girl’s top). thredUp only takes sizes 12 months and up which excluded about 2/3 of the amount we had to send in, but we were still able to fill a bag - fits about a large laundry basket of clothing.


In an effort to support CHAP with more supplies, teacher training and in many other ways, we are reaching out to families and asking for your help in spreading the word and joining us through participating in an entire new way of giving provided by thredUp.

For more details on how to be a part of our fundraising efforts, check out our SHOP page.

Thank you and remember:

“Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”

— Coco Chanel

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