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Emma (age 3) and Wham!

  • Wham!'s 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' has been a favorite on Emma's playlist for quite a while now. This morning, on her way to art (pre) school, and while listening to it in the car, we had a quick and awkward conversation regarding the artists...
  • Emma: Are they real people, Mommy?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Emma: 'Georgie' Michael?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Emma: (with a big smile) Do they have kids?!!
  • Me: (confused) No.
  • Emma: Who's the boy?
  • Me: (more confused) What?
  • Emma: What's his name?
  • Me: Andy?
  • Emma: Andy... Does he have a middle name?
  • Luckily, the song ended, and we had arrived.

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