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déclaration de résistance


These two. I was going through my photos with a goal - in search of a couple to create a custom illustration for family - and came across this picture. I also came across all the photos that have made up the Summer, and which I have not been able to edit, post and send out to those who’ve been part of the season. These two. In the past months, they’ve been my main focus, my daily companions. They’ve tested my limits, my state of sanity with their endless quarrels, meltdowns, melodrama and my lack of sleep and rest.  And, while it seems as if the tightrope threatens to snap, it just “slingshoots” them in the tush in the form of “tough” love. The Summer break (down) hasn’t come to an end, but I am missing them by anticipation. I absolutely ADORE these two.   

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in the car with dad this morning


(photo by dad)

Dad turns the radio on and “Maneater" is playing. It’s early, and both Dad and E (5yo) are pretty quiet. A few minutes into the song…

E: Are they talking about a girl dinosaur?!

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About CookQ


It’s been so long since I’ve mentioned food on the blog! And while it still occupies center stage in our lives and daily routines, there’s been quite a bit going on.

However, this month marks a year since cookQ's beta release: cookQ was a personal project my husband and I decided we'd take from our discussions over meals and place online; a social network for food aficionados, where people could share recipes, experiment with recipes and keep notations to share with friends. As I think is common to happen with most projects, the idea - which was mostly his - came from a personal need: to keep track and discuss changes he made to his “bread experiments”. For me it was the perfect solution to jot down steps and keep track of most of my absolutely improvised meals that on occasion would turn out really tasty!


We contacted friends to give it a try and help us develop the app by sharing recipes and tips; everyone was amazing and has shared great content. On the side, we thought it would be fun to interview them and learn how they connect to food; the series Featured Foodies was born on cookQ’s blog as a result. Through Featured Foodies, people shared memories and life stories around food that gave us goose bumps; to learn about people’s intimacy with food was fascinating! 

With Feast Portland on the horizon, we thought we’d get in touch to inquire about the possibility of featuring the creators of Portland’s largest food festival in our segment; Featured FEAST Foodies ran from August through September of last year, and the stories shared by the director, producers and co-founders of the event were fabulous!


As our life evolves and new challenges and opportunities come our way, we’ve had to keep CookQ’s development on hiatus; a brainstorming session, open to anyone in the cookQ community who’d like to participate, is on our schedule and we expect to regroup come September to define the next steps.

With that all being said, we’d like to thank everyone who supported us and gave up their time and attention to our project; we loved getting to know some of you better, reconnecting with friends from back home, and would love to continue sharing food and smiles with each and every one of you…


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disney torture







Recently, due to a series of adventurous circumstances, E got a pixie cut and we absolutely love it! She was very excited with the new look but quickly thereafter started breaking down, worried about what her friends would say, if they’d even recognize her or if people would mistaken her for a boy. Most importantly, however, was how would she ever make an Elsa braid again! As you can see from the images, when there’s a will, there’s a way :)

Elsa. the name is mentioned countlessly throughout the day. And braids…  I became a french braid specialist  in a wink of an eye! Then, there’s the song… It’s sung morning to night, not only by E, but by her back up two year old brother as well - they’ll even switch up the riff to “Já passou”, from the Portuguese version - not to mention the times my husband or I (or both) break into high pitched backing vocalists! From time to time, I even wake up to the sound of it stuck in my head… A nightmare!

As I type, she is making the cast out of Play-Doh. NOT. A. JOKE.

Don’t get me wrong, here at the house, we all enjoyed watching Frozen (and I really loved Anna’s character) but, can we please “let it go”!?

Anyone experiencing the same?

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modern-day princess


I was driving with the Es yesterday and “Kindergarten” came up during one of our conversations in the car:

Me: There’s a good possibility that you may go to N’s school…

Her: Yay! I love N! (watching her hide her face and giggling as I peaked through the rear-view mirror searching for a reaction.)

Me: We are not absolutely sure, but maybe… (trying to keep things mentally flexible for her and myself).

Her: Is P still there? (P is N’s brother)

Me: No, P is older and he’s moved on to a new school, Middle School. And so will N at the end of the next school year. And, that will happen to you… So, you’ll have 6 years in this school, and then 3 years in Middle School and then there’s High School, and that’s 4 years … and then, you can go to University… (the silence and my non-interrupted speech made me think that I was speaking to myself - which I was at some point - but she was still listening…) If you want.

Her: Neh…

Me: Why? University is where you get to go to learn about what you’d like to do as a grown-up (and I understand that this may seem ambiguous or imprecise, to say the least… But, she’s 5.)

Her: Is there a Princess University?

Life. Lately, it’s been hectic.

Side note: For no particular reason, I’ve  never been one to call E “princess” and I am not really into tiaras, sparkles and pink, to the point that she’s remarked that I am more into “boy things”. However I will not put a damper on her obsession of marrying into a royal family or trying to walk two hours around our neighborhood in a pair of play cinderella shoes she swapped with a friend for her semi-comfortable red ballet flats.

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Well, if Elsa says…


I picked him up to put him in his crib, when he looked at me as if he were suddenly being illuminated and said:

"Don’t hold my back, Mommy."

"What?", I said.

He repeated, “Don’t hold my back.”

"Why?", I asked.

Very assertively he replies, “Well, Elsa says …” breaking into song … “Let it go, let it go, don’t hold ‘my’ back anymore…”

We kissed and said goodnight.

Goodnight :)

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introducing new concepts: karma


A couple of days ago I was trying to explain karma to my oldest - she was being naughty and in the process (just barely) whacked her hand on a door and started to complain - I thought that perhaps it could be helpful regarding behavior, you know, be good and good things will come right back at you? Anyway, this evening she was goofing off with her baby brother, but not being the safest while doing so… my husband and I were insisting that she knocked it off when she fell on her bottom and started muttering “oh, karma, karma, karma… it hurts!” 

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